• We're Eco-Friendly
    We're Eco-Friendly

Eco-Friendly Housing

Our house is fully solar powered and features a rain water harvesting system for water supply that can be supplemented with borehole water. We also sport a fancy composting toilet and make use of grey water for the other toilets. The kitchen has a gas stove/gas oven combination and we do not make use of microwaves due to their high power consumption. Trash is responsibly recycled and our chickens love all scrap food!

Come and experience how easy and practical it is to live sustainably. We are happy to answer any questions and give advice on our green systems if you are interested in installing it yourselves. Guests are advised that the dishwasher, can only be used during 9am - 4pm and the water pressure pump to the house will switch off at 10pm and on at 7am to conserve battery power through the night.